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What questions do you have?

Since the medical marijuana industry is fairly new to the state of WA, you probably have several questions as to what qualifications are needed to legally buy the cannabis. Sweet Relief is happy to answer that question and more.

Anyone 21+ or 18+ with a state medical registration card, or a registered caregiver of a registered patient.

For the type of service you expect and deserve, give us a call or visit one of our convenient locations throughout WA.


Unfortunately no, but one of our founders has over 15 years of working with persons with disabilities and has practiced criminal law for 6 years. You’ll find that our staff is very helpful and informative, but can never offer legal advice. We pride ourselves on taking the time out to aid patients, and any remaining questions should be directed to the Department of Health.

Everyone over 21 is welcome with valid identification.

A driver’s license or identification card from any state, province of Canada, a U.S. territory, Washington D.C., or identity card issued by a Washington State Department of Licensing, a U.S. Armed Forces ID, passport, Merchant Marine ID, or a government- issued Indian Tribal ID card from Washington equivalent with security features of Washington State IDs. An expired ID cannot be used to verify age.

Under I-502, a single transaction is limited to one ounce of usable cannabis, sixteen ounces of cannabis- infused product in solid form, seven grams of cannabis-infused extract for inhalation, and seventy-two ounces of cannabis- infused product in liquid form.


Registered medical users with valid registration cards may purchase 3x that amount. We do not honor “revolving door” purchases. Even if you are 21+, purchase amounts match possession amounts, and we do not want any possession charges being traced back to our licenses. Thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or exchanges of marijuana product once it has been opened. We cannot have any open products on our premises, but feel free to give us a call if there is a problem.

Currently, pesticide testing is only mandated for Department of Health approved products. We carefully source our flower, and question our suppliers on the source of their extracts and whether they use trim or whole flower.


We strive for whole flower extract. Every extractor must list the producer that supplied the flower. However, Washington law does not require the pesticides used on the flower that was extracted be revealed. That is why we have been making a concerted effort to sell whole flower concentrates from processors who use flower grown in their own facility.

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